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The Sweet Truth Bakery is a Certified home bakery specializing in scratch baking using only fresh ingredients from local businesses. Not only do I prepare baked good​s to local individuals , I also bake for some local restaurants and businesses.

Specialty Cake Slices $4.99

Strawberry Crunch Cheesecake 5.99 

Chocolate Crunch Cheesecake 5.99

Honey Bun Cake Slice $3.49

Pound Cake Slices $3.49

We offer Cake slices of your favorite specialty cakes as well as whole cakes made to order.

We use  the Fool's Gold Bourbon Honey in Frosting for the Sweet Potato Cake 

Cake Pops and Gluten Free bars are sold as well. 

Available Now at Buies !

Strawberry Lemonade and Caribbean Sorrel

Specialty Cakes

Pies & Cobblers


Lemon Bars

Shortbread crust, vibrantly bright lemon

flavor with just the right amount of 



per dz.

Magic Bars

This bar cookie is an old fashioned favorite. Chocolate chips, nuts and coconut are set in a caramelized layer on top of a 

graham cracker crust


Per dz.


Oatmeal Bars

Spicy bar cookies made chewy with dried

cranberries, pecans, and oatmeal are a

wholesome snack


per dz.




These delicious 
strawberry brownies 

taste like dense 

strawberry cake bars

 with a sugary glaze and lovely pink color that is perfect for a baby girl

 party or 


$25.00 per dz.

Chocolate Brownies

These brownies are rich, full of chocolate

flavor, ... with nuts or without nuts


per dz.


Vanilla brownie with 

chocolate chunks &



per dz.

Rice Krispie Treat

Marshmallow and Rice Krispies bars in 

different variations


per dz.

Wholesale to Businesses

The Sweet Truth Wholesale Cakes for businesses

The Sweet Truth a certified Home based bakery located near downtown Winston Salem can provide your business cakes on a schedule to fit your business needs at prices that are reasonable enough for you to sell at retail price in your business with a profit.

• A standing order on a scheduled day, new order shall be placed on the day of the delivery for the previous weeks order. If any changes are made to this standing order less than 7 days before the next delivery date there will be a $15.00 surcharge

• Minimum order for Standing orders is 7 cakes a week or $250.00 per week

• Specialty cakes are $40.00 7 or more

• Standard Cakes are $35.00

• Pound Cakes are $35.00

• 10” Round Pineapple Upside Down Cakes $35.00

• All prices include once a week delivery, if 2nd delivery in the same week $7.50 delivery fee will be added

• Customer referral to The Sweet Truth will take $10 off you next scheduled delivery

• A deposit of 50% of the total of the order is due on your scheduled date of ordering and balance is due on delivery.


Dessert tables, Weddings, Corporate office parties 

Birthday Parties

Dessert tables, character cakes, photo cakes

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Sat: 10:00am - 4:30pm
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